Eyes Wide Shut: Sports Daughter Out of Control

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1. Which legendary athlete and his D-list actress wife are worried sick about their daughter’s risky behavior as she navigates the Hollywood party scene? The gorgeous 20-something, who’s also a budding actress, is boozing and sleeping her way around town. (Blind Gossip)

2. “This up and coming singer is probably B list right now with a string of hits under her belt and a high profile opening slot for someone else. Anyway, I hate to see what she will be like when she is A list if this quote is any indication. Someone asked her whether she thought she could be the next Mary J Blige and our singer said, ‘Mary J Blige? More like Mary J Goodbye. There is a new queen now.’” (CDaN)

3. What celebrity father who had a reality show is not talking to his celebrity daughter. The reason? Apparently despite the fact he is married, he was jealous when he found out his daughter was sleeping with her boyfriend. (CDaN)