Eyes Wide Shut: SNL Star on the DL

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1. What closeted former “SNL” star is getting a bad reputation at spas and gyms around Hollywood for his illegal sexual activities? The once-married actor has been caught pleasuring himself in front of other male patrons, and it’s just a matter of time before he’s publicly exposed! (Enquirer)

2. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are not the only celebrity couple who have been able to keep their breakup on the DL. This other dual-celebrity couple has also called it quits after several years of marriage. The husband and wife are each very successful in their chosen professions, though she tends to sample other creative outlets. Both are award nominees/winners, but she is the much more high-profile of the two. The breakup happened several months ago, but they are stalling the public announcement until later this year while the finances and custody arrangements are being worked out. We expect that it will be a very intelligent and civilized divorce. (Blind Gossip)

3. When this D List actor dad from a popular, mostly 90′s show couldn’t cut the line on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland, he shoved the kid attendant and told him to “F**k off!” He then yelled at the crowd, “What are you looking at? Don’t act like you people are anything like me. I’ve done things. Don’t f**king look at me!” He stormed out of the ride even though the staff did their best to console him and were polite. Most people stood in shock, but the crowd actually applauded as he left. (BuzzFoto)

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