Eyes Wide Shut: Sneaky Screen Couple

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Blind item time! Give us your guesses!

1. This on screen couple, both with families, are sleeping together. They’ve tried to keep it under the radar but all their coworkers have been suspicious for a while. And the actor’s wife has a baby on the way. (BuzzFoto)

2. This pretty girl is usually a true professional. She shows up for rehearsal on time, works hard, and rarely misses a day. Except, that is, when she perceives that someone else is stealing her thunder.

She recently pulled out of a scheduled gig at the last minute, claiming that she was sick. Liar. There wasn’t a darn thing wrong with her except a bruised ego over a rival encroaching on her turf  and getting more attention than her. While lots of people scrambled to rearrange schedules and make excuses for her, she actually spent the day pampering herself with a massage and a manicure and pedicure.

Oh, and now that you know that she is capable of lying, you might also be interested to know that her claims that her current relationship is going great are just another snow job.

Not Kate Hudson. (Blind Gossip)