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Eyes Wide Shut: Sizzurp Needs a Slimdown

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1. This Hollywood family loves the spotlight! The only thing about that is you always have to look good, and that can’t happen if you are overweight. This family is rather sad when you look at them from the inside. Instead of addressing the son’s drug addiction, they are bullying him into losing weight. But how can he lose weight if his drug of choice packs on the pounds. Instead of worrying about his pregnant sisters he should check into rehab, ASAP. (Mouth to Ears)

2. Imagine a world where people think you are a nice guy. A world where your family loves you, where you are young and handsome and somewhat talented, where you travel the world and have millions of dollars and millions of fans. Boy, that’s a really nice world, isn’t it? You probably go to sleep at night dreaming of girls and waffles and money. Now imagine that you wake up tomorrow, and your entire world is in shambles, ruined, turned upside down! What will you do? Why, you will say that you had absolutely no idea that this was going to happen, of course! You will say that you are shocked and appalled! You will say that you need everyone to rally around you, support you in your time of need, and cheer you on as you rise from the ashes! Yes, those are the things that you will do. That is the world that someone will be waking up in tomorrow. Except that you now know that he will be lying and faking it. Just like his partner. (Blind Gossip)

3. Which girlfriend is frustrated because her famous boyfriend won’t sleep with her? Word is she has been texting an ex for sex. (New York Post)

My guesses:
1. Rob Kardashian
2. Joe Jonas
3. Stacy Keibler?