Eyes Wide Shut: Shave That Beard

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This week’s blind items are tough. Any guesses?

1. There is a rumor going around that they are ring-shopping and getting engaged. No. These tales of wedding-planning are pure gossip supplied by her publicist to make people think that their client is every man’s dream girl. She sure is… if your dream girl would never sleep with you. You see, she is a lesbian.  He was her beard. Even though they are still friendly, he still agrees to be seen with her occasionally to keep tongues wagging. It’s over, and he has moved on to another hot actress… who really does sleep with him. (BlindGossip)

2. Fashion Week: Everyone at a show over the weekend was a little creeped out about how close this C+ actor was with his sister. The actor has had two big hits in his career. The latest one is going to shoot him from the C range to an upper B. It is a very very good show. (CDaN)

3. Which A/B list musician slipped away during the f*neral of her parent to have sex with the limo driver during the service? Everyone thought she was so overcome with grief they didn’t question her strange behavior. (BuzzFoto)

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