Eyes Wide Shut: Season’s Greedings

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1. Which Hollywood leading man pays a personal shopper $1,500 a day to buy his holiday gifts while he stays home watch­ing reality TV and smoking weed? The in-demand funnyman — whose public battle with depression once made headlines — avoids the TinselTown glitter while he makes one hit film after another. (National Enquirer)

2. These two costars from a network television show are getting a little hot and heavy behind the scenes. She’s old enough to be his mother, but we’re expecting a May-December romance to be in the press sometime next year… (BuzzFoto)

3. This celebrity family is feuding for the holidays. They are arguing over who is getting an heirloom gift from their parents and it’s caused such a rift that two of the famous brothers aren’t speaking. The gift that they’re fighting over? A pair of porcelain cats. (Blind Gossip)