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Eyes Wide Shut: Scent Sycophant

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1. Which C-list actress from a network sitcom recently keyed the car of her television husband after she overheard him telling the crew that he was “glad she wasn’t” his “wife in real life?” (BuzzFoto)
2. Which super-famous reality star’s popular perfume is a huge seller, but her new beau can’t stand the scent? The musician boyfriend didn’t want to create a stink and hurt his lady’s feelings because she loves wearing it 24/7, so he LIED and told her he was allergic to ALL perfume! (The National Enquirer)
3. You already know that Woman 2 annoyed her way out of a job. Well, we have some information on the timing of her termination. She won’t last the year. She will only last as long as a significant summer event continues. Then she will have to say sayonara to her sweet gig! (BlindGossip)

My guesses:
1. No clue
2. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
3. Ann Curry and the Olympics