Eyes Wide Shut: Retro Romancer

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1. Which beloved ’90s sitcom star has turned into a Howard Hughes-type recluse and germaphobe? The tall actor has plenty of money from his long-running series, but his eccentric behavior has left him lonely and paranoid! Who is he? (National Enquirer)

2. She was really big back in the 1980s and then her career dropped off in the 90s. She has a steady, cult fan base who she keeps in contact with on a regular basis. Her fans keep her spirits up, even though she’s obsessed with her own fame and image. This is probably why she meets at least one fan a week for a ‘hook-up.’ (BuzzFoto)

3. Which rising starlet shuns red carpets these days because she doesn’t want to be asked about her relationship with that TV star? (And that’s too bad since I have some definite questions about it.) (Blind Gossip)