Eyes Wide Shut: Raunchy Reality

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1. This well known former reality show contestant is shopping a story to the tabloids and to book publishers that she and other female contestants on her season and other seasons of the show were forced to have sex with this A+ name recognition reality show host if they wanted to remain on the show. At least twice, the host brought another woman with him and made the participants engage in a threesome. (CDaN)

2. Which legendary Grammy winner, after years of sobriety, is back on drugs? This vocal powerhouse, now in her late 50s, is seriously struggling and refusing to check into a treatment center. (Hint: It’s NOT Whitney.) (Enquirer)

3. This children’s network television host has a sex tape floating around the internet. Her hair is a different color and she goes under an alias, but a source says it is definitely her and she made the tape one year before getting a job at the children’s network. (BuzzFoto)

4. This female star has certainly had her ups and downs. Her career has gone up and down and has expanded over more than one creative medium. She has dated at least three or four famous guys, has been married to and divorced from another celebrity, and is a tabloid staple. Depending on who you talk to and which day it is, she is either gorgeous or ugly. Well, we know one thing for sure: she is pregnant! She is seven weeks along, and you should expect the announcement within the next couple of weeks. She could wait longer, but she wants to avoid the criticisms about her fluctuating weight. She thinks it will be good for people to know that she “has a baby on board, rather than a burrito on board.” Both she and her partner are very happy about the pregnancy. Oh, and they will be getting married, although the wedding will now happen after the baby is born. (Blind Gossip)

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