Eyes Wide Shut: Photoshopped Princess

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What names do you think are behind today’s blind items?

1. Which popular TV chef has been labeled by the cliquish Beverly Hills plastic surgery community as the “cheap filler-queen?” The star’s addiction to Botox and other face fillers isn’t the problem — it’s her pushy demands to get her plastic surgery procedures for free! (National Enquirer)

2. She might be incredibly beautiful, but this C/D list reality TV star is very insecure about her body. Her publicist only allows photos of her to run that have photoshopped her into a nearly perfect Barbie doll. (BuzzFoto)

3. Our source emailed us this morning to tell us that this C list actress from a network television show sent her assistant to hire some non-English speaking women to go and do her Black Friday shopping and to pick up clothing at Black Friday [sales] for her at several lower end department stores. She wanted “cheap shoppers” to go and get their hands dirty and get her the things she wanted, but didn’t want to be seen shopping at lower end stores. (Blind Gossip)