Eyes Wide Shut: Not That Innocent

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1. What two-time Oscar winner has completely alienated his Santa Barbara neighbors because he likes to take off and land his noisy helicopter in a field on his property? The still-handsome 60-something star thinks he’s untouchable and refuses to park his chopper at a nearby airport! (Blind Gossip)

2. It turns out this allegedly innocent NFL quarterback might not be so innocent after all. One of his admirers and fellow celebrity was overheard bragging the other day that she had no problems getting the quarterback into bed. (CDAN)

3. Which famous yo-yo dieter plumped up to become the spokesperson for a popular weight-loss program? The singer/actress was in dire need of a quick career boost — and the high-profile campaign was the best way to get back in the limelight to create some buzz for her planned career comeback! (National Enquirer)

My guesses:
1. Does Robert De Niro own property in Santa Barbara?
2. Tim Tebow, with Katy Perry as the fellow celebrity? He’s the only “innocent” QB I can think of.
3. This sounds like Janet Jackson, who is the latest face of Nutrisystem.