Eyes Wide Shut: NFL Player Makes a Change

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What names are behind today’s blind items?

1. After years of homophobia, this NFL athlete is deciding to change his ways. He has been inviting gay rights activists to his home for dinner so that he can educate himself on the issues. He is considering ‘coming out’ as a public supporter, but first wants to know how and where to direct his energy. (BuzzFoto)

2. This C List actress with an upcoming role in a film that could potentially make her B+ heard about the trouble a crew member on set was experiencing. His wife of only a few months was diagnosed with cancer and has a long list of treatments ahead of her. The actress had never personally spoken with the crew member before, but after finding out about his problems, put money down on a nice apartment (for an entire year!) for the couple that is very close to the hospital. (BuzzFoto)

3. Which “Desperate Housewives” actress and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reality star are fighting to get their kids into the same swanky private elementary school in L.A.? The women stuck their noses up and avoided each other as they dragged their privileged kids in for the grueling interview process on the same day! (Blind Gossip)