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Eyes Wide Shut: Name That Stinky Celeb

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1. This bighearted talk-show host has been warned to stop taking in rescue animals! Her exasperated producers are concerned because the fanatical animal lover adopts homeless pets, then pawns them off to the show’s staff, network execs…and anyone else she can corner! Who is she? (National Enquirer)

2. Which actress stinks the dressing room area out at the TV studios where she works with her BO? (The People via BlindGossip)

3. Which tennis star is raising eyebrows courtside as her voice seems to be getting lower and lower? Onlookers suggest it might be in the same method as the women shot putters of East Germany used to practice. (PopBitch via BlindGossip)

My guesses:
1. Ellen DeGeneres
2. Claire Danes
3. Serena Williams