Eyes Wide Shut: Mommy Dearest

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What names are behind today’s blind items?

1. Which A-list actress was bombarded with angry calls and hate mail by her sick mother’s elderly girlfriends? The “Golden Girls” mob learned that the filthy rich star wasn’t paying for any of her mom’s medical care, so they shamed her into shelling out some cash! (National Enquirer)

2. This D List actress has a stage name that we know her by, but under her real name, she is managing to collect government benefits by fudging the numbers on her income. BuzzFoto)

3. This director doesn’t have a reputation for engaging in tomfoolery on his sets, and this starlet has no reputation at all, yet they’ve been raising eyebrows with their vaguely off-putting relationship, which is inching into “professionally inappropriate” territory. Their weird fascination with one another is making some folks wonder if they could become a liability while promoting their film. She’s infatuated but he’s playing Pygmalion, a scenario that always ends messily. Someone should warn her, bless her little heart. (Lainey Gossip)