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Eyes Wide Shut: Moguls Face Off

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1. Mogul vs. Mogul! This legendary Mogul says his younger counterpart doesn’t show enough interest in learning the craft that made them so rich. The legend says the other mogul may know business, but falls “B” flat when it comes to learning the craft that fuels it. (Downfront2)
2. What has Kate Hudson done to deserve the cold shoulder? She’s thrown several parties in her Brooklyn neighbourhood but we’re told next to no-one has been turning up to them. (BlindGossip)
3. What TV cast is walking on eggshells around the show’s producer? His career is full of drama, but one particular incident has everyone nervous. Even the show’s main characters fear for their jobs. While the cast gets along really well and there is no problems while he is away, things get uncomfortable and tense the moment he steps on set. (Hollywood Dame)

My guesses:
1. Quincy Jones and Sean Combs
2. No idea
3. What about Ryan Murphy and the “Glee” cast?