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Eyes Wide Shut: MIA Fiancee

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1. Are a hot shot Baller and his longtime fiancee ready to call the whole thing off? She’s been M.I.A. during some major events. Hmmmmmmmmmmm! (Downfront2)
2. Which has-been is on the verge of being dumped by her management for endlessly begging them to back a reunion for her former group? (Blind Gossip)
3. Want to know the real reasons this pilot is jumping networks? There are two. The first is that the first network cringed at the complete lack of chemistry between the two stars. They are each fine on their own, but the combination turns out to be an unpalatable mess. One is way too smug, and the other is way too bubbly.

The first network also didn’t like all the rumors they were hearing about the female star’s activities outside of her marriage. When you’re trying to impress upon America that your star is a wholesome traditional wife, the last thing you need is someone with a reputation as a ho. (Blind Gossip)

My guesses:
1. LeBron James and Savannah
2. Kerry Katona and Atomic Kitten?
3. Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay?