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Eyes Wide Shut: Meddling Mommy

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1. Which hunky A-list star can’t keep a relationship because his meddling mom keeps getting in the way? It seems that no one is good enough for Mommie Dearest, especially the last three actresses her momma’s boy has dated. (National Enquirer)
2. This angelic child starlet, who has an upcoming movie, is anything but sweet in real life. The word is she’s so obsessed with being famous, she’ll step on anyone who gets in her way, including her siblings. She’s reportedly banned her family from visiting her on set because she’s worried directors will see her cute siblings and want to replace her. (BuzzFoto)
3. This C-list actor from a steady television series was recently photographed with his kids. When his picture was being taken, he allegedly started using some really offensive racial slurs towards the photographers, for which his young son strongly rebuked him and made him apologize. (Blind Gossip)

My guesses:
1. Leonardo DiCaprio
2. No clue
3. BG commenters are guessing Lou Ferrigno