Eyes Wide Shut: Leaving Through the Back Door

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1. Which celebrity actually made money from phone hacking? They had threatened a tabloid with legal action over a story but when the paper’s bosses found out they’d got the scoop from a phone hacking job the tabloid decided, rather sensibly, not to go ahead with fighting the case in court, handing over a six-figure sum to the already loaded star instead. (PopBitch)

2. This petite actress/singer got so drunk at HBO’s Emmy Awards after-party – which she attended with her new actor boyfriend – that handlers had to escort her through a back-door exit so she wouldn’t be photographed. Who is she? (National Enquirer via Blind Gossip)

3. This divorcing star couple originally agreed to an amicable split, but they’ve now gone back on their promise to keep each other’s dirty laundry private. The battling soon-to-be-exes have been having their assistants leak each other’s not-so-pleasant personal habits to the press. (Blind Gossip)

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