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Eyes Wide Shut: Keeping it in the Family

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1. What pop star is about to dump her longtime manager and replace him with her fiancé? After years of turmoil, the singer is finally getting her act together and wants a new guru to direct her reinvigorated career. (The National Enquirer)
2. This actor had a sweet gig that lasted longer than usual. Good pay, the ability to work with top names, lots of creative freedom, plus time to do other projects on the side. Overall, it was a sweet gig. So what did he do? He quit! A couple of flops later, though, and he’s panicking. He is now begging for his old job back. What a d*ck. (BlindGossip)
3. The search for a replacement for the costar of this television show has dragged on for months. The producers have finally narrowed it down to three men. They are all in their 30s and 40s. One is a funny actor, one is a professional performer, and one is just a pro. All three are very comfortable on camera and have good chemistry with the current costar. The really interesting twist is that there is one other last-minute dark-horse entry: the current costar’s ex. He would certainly be ratings-grabber, but we don’t know how much longevity he would have on the show, and the producers really want someone for the long haul. Out of the running: two gay talkers (both are too busy with other projects), two over-50 contenders (too old), and the current costar’s current SO. (BlindGossip)

My guesses:
1. Britney Spears, dumping Adam Leber for fiance Jason Trawick
2. Andy Samberg
3. Kelly Ripa