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Eyes Wide Shut: Jersey Shore Courtship

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1. So, this very solid A-list movie actor who has rocketed to almost A+ status in the past year has had a series of gorgeous girlfriends. Back to back to back they have been B+ or A list actresses. Anyway, it seems that our actor is not above getting a little male action on the side. Never a main course, but always on the side. He also prefers them younger than him. Our actor has been sending e-mails to a brand new A-list actor who is just getting started with his own franchise. The two actors have been communicating, and even gone out once or twice, but so far the young actor is resisting the advances of the A lister. (Crazy Days and Nights)
2. This source comes from the driver of a long time A list actor. According to the driver, it took 20 years until the actor actually asked the driver what his name was. (BuzzFoto)
3. What Jersey Shore star has been spending every penny he makes trying to impress one of his actress crushes from back in the day. She is now a C with A list name recognition, but the guy thinks she is at her back in the day prime (did she really have a prime?) Anyway, he coughs up dough and follows her around and she keeps demanding more. He has upped his fee for appearances just so he can keep up with her financial demands. He does say the sex is good. (Blind Gossip)

My guesses:
1. Bradley Cooper?
2. Jack Nicholson?
3. Vinny, with Meagan Goode as the actress