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Eyes Wide Shut: Hydration Hocus-Pocus

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1. Which superstar entertainer swears by her expensive “lifesaving” bottled water and vows that she can taste the difference? Turns out the actress/singer’s terrified staff ran out of the must-have H2O so they filled a few bottles with L.A.’s finest tap water and she guzzled it without question! (National Enquirer)
2. At a dinner party a few months ago at an A-list director’s house, this B-list, married actor met a woman who was helping to cater the event. He claims it was “love at first sight,” and although he hasn’t yet physically acted on it, he’s developed a very intense emotional relationship with her. (BuzzFoto)
3. This A-list actor has franchise millions in his bank, but won’t spring for a much-needed dental appointment. He makes a conscious effort never to smile and show his teeth at red carpet events. Fans think it’s all part of his dark and aloof mystique, but his teeth are beyond yellow;they are brown. (Hollywood Dame)

My guesses:
1. Madonna or Jennifer Lopez
2. No clue.
3. Johnny Depp