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Eyes Wide Shut: His Accidental Posts are Just a Publicity Stunt

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1. In a case of celebrities “accidentally” posting a picture online and swiftly deleting it, this celeb likes to tease fans on purpose. Recently, he did just that — he posted a picture to his Instagram account before deleting it, but not before tons of people caught a glimpse. It’s actually a smart publicity move on his part. He lets fans come to their own conclusions instead of speaking about his private life. (Blind Gossip)
2. A few years ago, this celebrity couple were caught with their pants down (literally). They were caught in a compromising position in a hot tube while vacationing in Mexico. The couple got over the scandal and even managed to have the pictures completely disappear. Now that they are settled down and have a baby, the pictures are starting to resurface. He is trying to make sure no one sees them — not because he doesn’t want people to see him and his lady having sex, but because, as one source puts it, “he must have just got out of a very cold shower.” (Naughty But Nice Rob via Blind Gossip)
3. This actor has been dealing with severe back pain for a few years. It got so bad, that he had surgery to deal with the problem, and it worked! The pain is gone and he’s back to living in color. But, he’s been told he can’t workout while he’s in recovery. This is causing him some major issues because he was apparently once relying on steroids to keep his physique in tact for the cameras. (Hollywood Street King via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Justin Bieber
2. Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo
3. Jamie Foxx

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