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Eyes Wide Shut: Hated Celeb Eats Solo

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1. This Reality/Sitcom/Media Personality seems to have the world on a string, but does she really want to give it all up… for a talk show?!!! (Downfront2)
2. Which celeb is hated so much by co-stars he has to scoff his packed lunch alone in his car? (The People via BlindGossip)
3. Which well-respected actor of stage and screen is starting to show signs of emotionally unraveling on the set of his critically acclaimed cable show? The nearly 60-year-old star raised eyebrows when he suddenly and mysteriously dropped out of a hit network show a few years back! (National Enquirer)

My guesses:
1. NeNe Leakes
2. Ricky Gervais?
3. Blind Gossip readers are saying it’s Mandy Patankin.