Eyes Wide Shut: Hair-Challenged Heartthrob

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1. This one took us a little by surprise. Usually you can tell when a man is starting to lose his hair, and how he’s trying to cover his loss. We’ve seen well-known celebs go from thinning or receding hairlines to lush heads of hair courtesy of wigs, toupees, and various hair restoration procedures. However, we’ve never seen anyone as young as this heartthrob actor take it so seriously. He’s only in his twenties, and has already gone through multiple transplant sessions and has been using Rogaine for years. Supposedly, balding runs in his family, and the procedures are prophylactic in nature. (Blind Gossip)

2. Which two Latina actresses absolutely HATE each other? The stars have tried to avoid each other but are often auditioning for the same film roles — and the younger and more popular of the two seems to be getting all the parts! (National Enquirer)

3. This actress has done some big films (mostly comedies) and a lot of voice-over work for animated films. She was recently asked to do a film where she would have to play the role of an ornery mother-in-law. She was so offended by the offer, especially since her character would be older than she is in real life, that she temporarily fired her agent for even suggesting it to her. (BuzzFoto)

My guesses:

1. Whoever it is must be known for his hair. I’m going with Zac Efron.
2. Zoe Saldana and Eva Mendez?
3. Cameron Diaz?