Eyes Wide Shut: Green Island

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1. This A list actor,  who has been A list since being a teen heartthrob two decades ago, is rumored to own a special property offshore specifically designed to grow weed. (BuzzFoto)

2. Making a tough situation even worse, this already estranged B+ list couple now have an extra thing splitting them apart. That woman he met in rehab thinks they are a couple. The problem is his wife found out. Things are not looking good on this homefront at all. Probably the most tense relationship in Hollywood right now. (CDaN)

3. This Twilight actress has not been getting the kind of dollar offers for roles she likes but has found a new way to make money. It seems that wealthy guys are very interested in spending time with her as her vampire character. She is happy to do so and will hang out with you for an entire night for $50K. Seems steep. (CDaN)

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