Eyes Wide Shut: Familial Facebook Fighting

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1. The internet is causing this B list actress all kinds of problems. First, photos of her leaked onto the world wide web, and now she’s been arguing with family on her private facebook account. Some pretty personal things were said and a mutual ‘friend’ took some screen caps of the conversation before it was deleted and is trying to shop out the story to the press. (BuzzFoto)

2. Which Oscar winner is selling off a few of her Andy Warhol paintings to make ends meet? The wacky actress/singer, who lost a good amount of money during a messy public divorce, can’t seem to get her boozing under control long enough to book a decent paying gig. (Blind Gossip)

3. This handsome actor’s boozing has gotten so out of control that he’s now showing up drunk to the set of his award-winning series! The star can’t kick his early-morning cocktails, so producers were forced to intervene and have given him one final warning. (Blind Gossip)

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