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Eyes Wide Shut: Deception, Drinking and Divorce

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1. Which Tony Award-winning composer didn’t actually write all of their own music? We’ve learned that a Tony Award-winning composer, who received rave reviews for writing a major Broadway hit, didn’t actually do all the work themselves! The musical was actually put together by a ghost writer and no one knows. Tricky, tricky! (Naughty But Nice Rob)

2. What top designer is rumored to start every morning with a stiff Bloody Mary that includes “just a whisper” of tomato juice? The daily morning drink leaves the designer wasted by noon. (Page Six)

3. Which movie star is fuming that she gave up an affair to dote upon her ailing husband, only to find that he now wants a divorce after getting better? (Blind Gossip)

My guesses:
1. Cyndi Lauper
2. Michael Kors
3. Catherine Zeta-Jones