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Eyes Wide Shut: Charitable Comedian Clamors for Confidentiality

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1. What TV star and separated single mom has turned to a popular dating website to find Mr. Right? The gorgeous 40-something actress is tired of dating social-climbing Hollywood actors and vapid Malibu millionaires, so she set up a profile using a photo of one her nonfamous friends! (National Enquirer)
2. This very popular East Coast comedian was photographed heading into a local soup kitchen in NY to do some service last week. When he saw the photographer, he offered to pay him for the photos because he didn’t want to publicize his work at the shelter. He claims that if it gets out in the press, he wouldn’t be able to serve his community as freely. The photographer agreed to delete the photos and the comedian’s secret is safe. (BuzzFoto)
3. Which blonde female pop star, who’s busy planning her wedding, might just be planning a baby shower first? (Blind Gossip)

My guesses:
1. Courteney Cox
2. Jerry Seinfeld?
3. Britney Spears