Eyes Wide Shut Bonus: Solved Blind Items, 1/7

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Over the holiday break, Crazy Days and Nights revealed a ton of its blind items. Here are three, just for fun:

1. This A list television actor who does movies but would be a B in movies is not seen as much with his new girlfriend. Reason? He yelled at her at a dinner party in front of people and called her an idiot for her views and for not being informed. (CDAN)

Alec Baldwin

2. This one kind of blew me away because I did not know this actress was into charity. She is all movie all the time. B list, but I think it is more for her looks than any real acting talent. She stays extremely popular despite the fact she really does not make that many movies and seems to just stay in our eye by pap photos. Anyway, she read an article about homeless people and was fully prepared to go spend her Thanksgiving with her husband feeding homeless at the Los Angeles Mission. When she started exploring it more though she decided she wanted to give people more of a home feel for the holiday. So, she arranged to have 50 homeless families come to her place where she had set up a big tent and fed them all there and during the meal had televisions playing holiday movies and even made sure that each parent was given a gift they could give to their child on Christmas. Not too shabby. (CDAN)

Jessica Alba

3. Which A list celebrity couple are having a “trial separation” while he is on tour? (CDAN)

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin