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Eyes Wide Shut: Appearance Anarchy

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1. This actress (who worked much more several years ago than she does now) has found the perfect way to annoy her controlling husband. He always insisted that she not step foot out of the house unless she was looking her best (full hair, makeup, clothes) because she was a “reflection of his image”. But now that they have quietly separated, she consistently walks out of the house in casual clothes and messy hair and no makeup (even when her destination isn’t the gym). Of course, the paparazzi are there, just waiting to snap her photo. Her publicist called and said, “Do you realize how much you’re p*ssing him off when you do that?” She replied, “Absolutely!” and giggled. Sounds like it’s just her little way of reclaiming her life. (Blind Gossip)
2. Which C-list singer and performer was seen outside a Vegas strip club over the weekend trying to get her infant in the door with her? (BuzzFoto)
3. Which once-promising actor-turned-reality-star was recently slapped again for failing to pay child support? The Oscar-nominated actor says he’s mentally impaired, but the baby mama isn’t buying it. She’s taking him to court! (National Enquirer)

My guesses:
1. Katie Holmes
2. No clue.
3. Gary Busey?