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Eyes Wide Shut: An Unlikely Lesbian Hook-Up

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1. Here’s an unlikely celebrity hook-up involving two starlets. The first is a younger, often unpredictable star, and the other is a Hollywood veteran. The young star has been open about her sexuality and having relationships with both men and women. It has long been known that the veteran is a lesbian, but she only just (kind of) acknowledged her sexuality publicly this year. Their relationship was more of a fling and didn’t last very long, but it’s a shocking hook-up nonetheless. (Celebzter via Blind Gossip)
2. This rap superstar might just have an open relationship with his superstar wife. A Canadian television host suggests the rapper as a couple of “extracurricular ladies” in Toronto. (Lainey Gossip via Blind Gossip)
3. This SNL cast member has an oil painting hanging above their bed. The paining is of the SNL-er, completely naked. To be on SNL, you have to have a certain kind of ego to perform the sketches every week. But this cast member doesn’t leave their ego on set, but takes it with them into their bedroom. The painting in question features the funny man lying on the ground and looking much more toned than in real life. His chest has some hair on it and his legs are painted apart in the six-foot wide painting. The only thing he is wearing in the painting is a strategically placed leaf. (Naughty But Nice Rob via Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Lindsay Lohan and Jodie Foster
2. Jay-Z and Beyonce
3. Jason Sudeikis

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