Eyes Wide Shut: A Young Engaged Celebrity Might be Ready to Play the Field Again

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1. This female celebrity was recently fired from a very popular television show. Everyone saw it coming because she simply wasn’t good at her job. But, she’s not taking it so well. She’s on another TV show, but she thought the new gig would escalate her career. It’s safe to say that she will never win an Oscar, but she was caught boozing it up at several Oscar parties last weekend. She’s not a small girl, but that doesn’t meant she could handle her alcohol. She made attempts to talk to some big wigs, but no one wanted to talk to her. So, she left the parties discouraged and drunk. (Blind Gossip)

2. This young, good looking celeb is engaged to another young, good looking celeb who is a bit more famous than him (for the time being). At a pre-Oscar party last weekend, he seemed to forget his fiancé and spent some time with another actress. She is beautiful and has been made famous through a franchise. She is currently growing out her hair, but his fiancé prefers her hair short. They flirted through the night and were almost the last to leave. While all seemed innocent, his fiancé would not have been happy to see the exchange. The pair say it’s going to be a long engagement, but it’s better they figure out what they really want now than after walking down the aisle. Lainey Gossip provided one hint for this item — it’s not January Jones. (Lainey Gossip)

3. This celebrity has been engaged for a while now, but she has been staying quiet on all the details. However, it seems her choice of Maid of Honor might cause some controversy in her life. Her best friend is another famous actress, but their friendship isn’t as strong as it used to be because of some friction they’ve encountered in the past year. The bride, however, has become close with another famous lady, who has a habit of stirring up trouble. The bride understands the PR downsides of choosing either friend, but she has a third option — the wife of a celebrity couple she and her husband-to-be have been spending a lot of time with. However, this bride wants to avoid the drama and has asked her husband to get rid of the wedding party altogether. He’s not thrilled about it, but the bride doesn’t see any other option. (Blind Gossip)

My Guesses:
1. Khloe Kardashian
2. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, with Emma Watson being the other girl.
3. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, with the Courteney Cox as the former best friend and Chelsea Handler as the new best friend. Ben and Christine Stiller as the celebrity couple.

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