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Eyes Wide Shut: A-List Legend Losing Hollywood Support Over Politics?

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1. Why are the stars fleeing from an opportunity to work with a legend? The screen icon is having a hard time getting his latest project off the ground. He’s an acclaimed award winner, but stars left and right are dropping out of consideration. Could this be politics? (Downfront 2)

2. Which former film actress has not been warmly received at her new gig on a long-running TV detective drama? Turns out she’s not only clashing with one of the male stars, but she’s also finding it extremely difficult to memorize the scripts that are loaded with medical and scientific jargon. (National Enquirer)

3. Which celebrity leaves a DVD of his TV show instead of a tip at fancy restaurants? (Star via BlindGossip)

My guesses:
Clint Eastwood
Elizabeth Shue
Jeremy Piven

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