Ewan McGregor Gets Suited Up in the GQ Spring Style Preview (Photo Gallery)

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Ewan McGregor in GQ January 2012

Ewan McGregor is the face of the annual GQ Spring Style Preview, and in his interview with Devin Gordon, the “Haywire” actor talked about his four 2012 films, his home life and what he’d do if he quit acting.

Although McGregor has four daughters, he doesn’t feel overwhelmed at home. “I never feel battered by it,” he said. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

McGregor also said that he took his “Haywire” role to work with Steven Soderbergh before he retires from the industry. When asked what he’d do if he didn’t act, he revealed, “I like the idea of being a sculptor. Just me alone, making something — that solitary existence. And then you come out, and you’re back into the house with all the kids. That would be perfect.”

The GQ Spring Style Preview is devoted to all manner of blue suits; check out Ewan McGregor in the mag’s top menswear picks below.

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