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Ewan McGregor Covers GQ Style Italia (Photo Gallery)

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Ewan McGregor in GQ Style

Ewan McGregor looks suave and sexy on the cover of GQ Style Italia’s latest issue.

The accomplished actor has an impressive list of credits on his resume. Among them is one of his earlier appearances in a film called “Velvet Goldmine,” where he plays a ’70s glam rocker. McGregor admitted to Los Angeles Confidential that he recently watched that film again. As the actor explained it, “That was one of those moments where you don’t know what’s gonna happen… Those little moments that you know came out of putting yourself on the line to do it, really. I still like that; I still like leaving my trailer, not knowing what’s going to happen, and coming back an hour later going, ‘That was interesting — I didn’t know that was going to happen.’ I love that part of it.”

In his latest film, “The Impossible,” McGregor plays a husband and father on vacation in Thailand during the 2004 Tsunami. His wife is played by Naomi Watts. “There was something unusual about it. I didn’t know what it was at first, but there were some lines of dialogue that were really startling in their honesty. I didn’t know that it had been written from a real family’s perspective when I read it. And then I later found out a lot of the lines of dialogue are, in fact, lines that the family members remember saying or remember hearing said. And that makes sense of it, in a way… This is an exploration of that unique, powerful bond we have with our kids, albeit in this extreme backdrop.”

“The Impossible” is in theaters now and GQ Style Italia is available on newsstands.