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Emmy Drama Nominees Gather for The Hollywood Reporter (Photo Gallery)

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Emmy actress drama nominees in The Hollywood Reporter

The Emmy-nominated actresses in the Drama category talked business in The Hollywood Reporter’s latest issue. Emmy Rossum, January Jones, Claire Danes, Julianna Magulies, Kyra Sedgwick and Mireille Enos all posed for the magazine and talked about their lives and television characters in a video interview. Jones, in particular, touched on about being bigger in “Mad Men” this season.

“I started this season of Mad Men eight months pregnant, and I finished it with a 5-month-old [son Xander],” she explained. “It was bizarre. And I was in seven hours of prosthetics every morning, trying to rip off a fake chest piece so I could breastfeed. I loved [the fat suit].”

Jones also discussed her many “Mad Men” monologues, saying, “When ‘Mad Men’ started, my character had a bunch of monologues because she was in therapy, but the therapist never spoke. I had no exercise to try to help me with that. So I recorded myself saying stuff and then listened to it while I slept, hoping that it would stick like a bad song. And it worked!”

Check out their Emmy Roundtable discussion below.