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Emily VanCamp Looks Fit in Women’s Health (Photo Gallery)

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Emily VanCamp in Women's Health

Emily VanCamp posed for the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s January/February 2013 issue. Inside, the star opened up about love, Hollywood and finding inner calm.

VanCamp offered relationship advice when she explained, “I’m at my most confident when I’m in nature and I don’t have to dress up. When I take off my makeup, that’s my boyfriend’s favorite. And that, to me, is a symbol of a great guy — someone who doesn’t care about all that stuff. It’s more about accepting each other as separate people. That’s the fundamental that I try to approach a relationship with. Laugh a lot and be really delicate with the other person’s heart, because sometimes you start to take each other for granted. Always remember that neither of you needs to be there. It’s a choice every day to stay together.”

It’s nice that the “Revenge” actress has a man in her life who loves her natural beauty, especially with the pressures of Hollywood. “I mean, to each his own, and I know there are those pressures. But I look at my grandmother and think, Wow, I hope I have those happy wrinkles. You see the map of her life on her face, and she’s so beautiful. She wouldn’t be my grandma without those beautiful lines.”

It also helps that VanCamp knows how to take care of herself. “I’m kind of notorious for that. I’ll have a big stew going or chili or soup. Something hearty that reminds me of home. Cooking is therapy for me in a weird way. When I’m in the kitchen, I’m in a zone and everything else kind of goes away.”

Read more in the latest issue of Women’s Health.

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