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Emily VanCamp is Victorious in Hamptons Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Emily VanCamp in HAMPTONS Magazine

If Emily VanCamp were seeking revenge like the character she plays on television, then she would no doubt be the victor in the pages of Hamptons magazine. The 26-year-old Canadian looks absolutely stunning throughout.

The star of ABC’s “Revengespoke about her new cast mate, Jennifer Jason Leigh: “It’s such a complex character they’re introducing. Emily’s mother is incredibly unstable. You’re wondering if maybe some of the sociopathic behavior Emily displays comes from her mother, and what does that mean for their relationship? Emily is trying to unlock the secrets of her past — shut out because of this childhood trauma.”

One thing the show doesn’t lack is drama and a lot of fighting, particularly between the women. VanCamp weighed in on why that might appeal to the men who watch. “I don’t know, but it’s a good thing! I’m all about strong female empowerment,” she said. “It’s funny, a lot of men watch this show — and I don’t think any of us were expecting that in the beginning. They’re more hooked than their wives! It’s kind of hard not to look. It’s like watching a train wreck.”

Check out more by picking up a copy of Hamptons’ September issue.

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