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Elsa Pataky Talks Pregnancy Diet in ELLE Spain (Photo Gallery)

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Elsa Pataky for Elle

She might have been 36 and pregnant, but that didn’t stop Elsa Pataky from keeping in shape. As she explained to Elle Spain, “During the pregnancy, I was going to the gym four times a week to do the elliptical machine combined with yoga and Pilates.”

But the “Fast Five” actress didn’t stop there: “I cut the sweets by not taking a full dessert, only three teaspoonfuls to stay calm and happy. Many use pregnancy as an excuse to eat without limit and that is a mistake, it is important to maintain control.”

She also made smoothies: “We have a Vitamix, a powerful mixer that lets you make smoothies with vegetables and fruits. The traditional juicers extract the juice only, which is where the sugar is, and leave out the fiber, which is best [for you]. But the Vitamix has a very strong power that liquefies the vegetables.”

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