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Celebs.com Spotlight Highlights Dwayne Johnson, Keri Russell, JT & Jay-Z & More (Video)

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Dare we say it? Alright, we dare, Dwayne Johnson is 2013′s Channing Tatum.

Between “Pain & Gain” with Mark Wahlberg, GI Joe Retaliation with Bruce Willis and… um… Channing Tatum, Empire State with Liam Hemsworth, the new Fast & Furious AND this week’s release of SNITCH, this is a man on a mission… and he’s wishin’ someone could cure his lonely condition… anyway, Snitch hits this week and we’ve got the official word from Dwayne, Susan Sarandon, and more, check out the chats…

Heading bravely into the ring against the Rock is the ridiculously good-lookin’ Keri Russell on a project from the producing team behind Insidious and Paranormal Activity. “Dark Skies” puts Russell in the house-bound horror and we’ve got her lovely words on the site, along with the film’s trailer, take a look

In new news, on the back of their Grammys collaboration, JT and JayZ will be taking their double J act on the road, performing together at the London Music Festival in July, which I guess is some consolation for having no Olympics Games this year.

Also taking place on the continent right now, the Berlin Film Festival – where euro-centric Nicolas Cargay, aka Nic Cage premiered his new Dreamworks animation pic “The Croods” with Emma Stone and we’ve got the red carpet premiere interviews, press conference interviews and just plain interview interviews for you to point your ear at.

We’ve got original interviews with Mexican superstar Gael Garcia Bernal on his oscar nominated film, Ashton Kutcher’s photo shoot for Esquire, and for you small town boys and small town girls living in lonely worlds, we’ve got a photo gallery and trailer for the killer new film about the band Journey finding and touring with their new frontman

Happy Presidents’ Day week, go Danica Patrick, and may all your dreams be celebrity filled… until Sunday, when the OSCARS finally makes its final statement on awards season! Arrrgo…