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Dr. Drew Discusses His Successful Prostate Cancer Treatment

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In a recent interview with People, Dr. Drew Pinsky revealed that he recently underwent successful treatment for prostate cancer. His wife was actually the person who urged him to seek follow-up treatment, leading to the diagnosis.

“We’re all bad as males,” he admitted. “I convinced myself I could do my own primary care. These are very complicated issues. The message I want to give out is that this is still an art. So much of the good outcome for me was the result of people following their intuition, including my wife.”

Pinsky underwent surgery in July and is now completely cancer-free. What’s more, he hasn’t suffered any aftereffects from the cancer or surgery: “I’m cancer-free. The erectile function is normal, sex drive is normal, bladder works normally. And I don’t have to worry about prostate cancer.”

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