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Dr. Dre Angers Olympic Officials Over Beats Headphones

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Dr. Dre
While the Olympics is supposed to be about unity and healthy competition, Dr. Dre has managed to stir up quite the controversy. The question is this: is he simply marketing his brand in a smart way, or is he breaking International Olympic Committee rules?

Apparently, Dr. Dre’s team sent his Union Jack Beats headphones to several athletes competing in Olympic events. This has resulted in Dre’s headphones being televised with various athletes wearing them. Why does this matter? It’s because the IOC has very strict guidelines in place about marketing placement during the Olympics. For sponsors who have paid millions of dollars to have their brands seen, it feels like a low blow to the standards and practices put in place.

Regardless of whether you believe Dr. Dre is right or wrong, he’s already accomplished what he set out to do. Everyone is talking about the controversy, and that in itself is garnering more publicity than if the issue would have gone unchallenged. Well played, Doc, well played.

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