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Dina, aka ‘Mrs. Clint Eastwood’ & Company Arriving on E! May 20

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Many of us believed it weren’t true. Many of us believed it a hoax. Many of us pleaded in our hearts for reality TV to draw short of penetrating Dirty Harry’s private lair, but… a) the time has come, and b) we’re kinda thankful that his daughters don’t have that chiseled grimace. Well, they kinda do, but in a pretty way.

Yes, cameras have rolled in the home of arguably the biggest talent in Hollywood history, Mr. Clint Eastwood. Featuring his wife, Dina, his two daughters (as pictured above – Morgan and Francesca), and a South African a cappella band named Overtone which has been managed by Mrs. E since her husband’s “Invictus” shoot. The program doesn’t put the big man front and center, but rumor has it that he’s often enough at the side of the frame to tease uber-fans of the star-turned-starmaker to tune in to the latest of E!’s addictive reality offerings.

Beginning on May 20, 2012, we’ll get to meet Clint’s family.

Here’s the official word:

“A California native, Dina is a former news anchor who, in 1993, was assigned an interview with Clint Eastwood. She certainly got more than she bargained for as the reporter and the actor/director married three years later. Beautiful and boho-chic, she is a constant fixture in her daughters’ daily lives and works to create as harmonious a home as possible. That’s not to say that the exuberant brunette doesn’t have a hobby: in fact, she has SIX. While in South Africa with Clint three years ago, Dina discovered a six-man vocal group who call themselves “Overtone.” Moved by their talent and star-potential, she re-located all six young musical men to Carmel, CA and has been acting as their mentor, mother and manager ever since.

Opinionated and artistic, Francesca Eastwood is the daughter of Clint Eastwood and Frances Fisher, though she also calls Dina “mom.” A bit of a ‘free spirit,’ Francesca is in a serious relationship with her 29-year old boyfriend, famed photographer Tyler Shields. She is his muse, he is her passion. Deeply in love, the couple has been together since 2011 and as a result, Francesca’s world and her relationships are changing.

High-school student Morgan Eastwood is compassionate with a heart of gold. She loves her mother very much, but is at that age where mothers and daughters don’t always see eye to eye and she is constantly
surrounded by her group of close friends. Occasionally embarrassed by Dina’s behavior, Morgan is experiencing watershed moments of her adolescence from learning how to drive to finding her own voice. Watching Francesca become an adult and being surrounded by the older boys in “Overtone,” Morgan is now on the brink of womanhood.”

Ahhh, yes, “the brink of womanhood.” Bring it on.