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Diane Lane Dazzles in More Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Diane Lane in More Magazine

At 47 years old, Diane Lane is still one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. In an intimate feature in More magazine, the actress talks candidly about motherhood and her latest project.

She may be a hot Hollywood star, but even Lane has to deal with things every mother does, like her daughter recently turning 18 and moving out on her own. She
reflected, “I can still hear the sound of Velcro ripping, the tearing away feeling. [Being without them] is kind of chilling but I like straightforward showdowns with fate. I’m feeling good about it.”

Perhaps what makes it a bit easier is the fact that Lane can pour her heart into her passion project, a documentary on PBS called “Half the Sky.” The actress said, “My role at the minimum was to be a witness and an ambassador. I’m guilty of the sheltered, privileged life of an American woman. I was grateful to have had the scales cleansed from my eyes about the plight of women in the majority of the world.”

You can read more in the September 2012 issue of More, on newsstands now.

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