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Denzel Washington vs. John C. Reilly – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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With the strong buzz surrounding new releases “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington and “Wreck-It Ralph,” with John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman, the weekend box office had an impressive weekend, especially taking into account that the East Coast is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

“Wreck-It Ralph” was number one this weekend with an over $50 million weekend while “Flight” earned $23.6 million.

But let’s see if it was the smooth style of Denel or the wacky antics of John C. that won the week.

John C. Reilly – “Wreck-It Ralph”

We can’t think of a better voice for a lovable video game villain turned hero than John C. Reilly. In fact, why did it take this long for the character actor to lend his voice to an animated movie? Regardless, it was a great move by Disney and has paid off as with the combination of his lovable style and the cameos of many of your favorite video game characters, “Wreck-It Ralph” smashed its way to some big money this weekend.

For Reilly this is a continuation of his unlikely evolution into a star. Going from bit parts in dramas to then becoming a witty one-liner comedy machine opposite Will Ferrell, Reilly now finds himself heading a Disney movie to top the box office. Who in Hollywood could have predicted this?

Denzel Washington – “Flight”

Unlike Reilly, there’s no surprise that Denzel Washington’s “Flight” did well its opening weekend. With his marquee name, digital wizard Robert Zemeckis as director and Oscar buzz surrounding the film, it was a certainty people were going to come to see the tipsy Denzel fly a plane upside down (we wish we could say that’s a spoiler alert, but we’ve been seeing it in the trailer for months).

Never one to do a lot of press, it was fun to see Washington out this week. He braved Hurricane Sandy and appeared on the “Late Show With David Letterman,” though no one was in attendance. And he also reveled this week that he’ll be returning to the Broadway stage in 2014, though he won’t say which play it will be.

And the winner is…

Definitely John C. Reilly. Sorry Denzel, but you have it all, the looks, the awards, let somebody else grab the spotlight for once… oh, and see you at the Oscars, big D!