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Dennis Quaid Lands Cover of Los Angeles Confidential (Photo Gallery)

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Dennis Quaid in Los Angeles Confidential

Dennis Quaid found himself on the cover of Los Angeles Confidential. Inside, the actor spoke about aging in Hollywood and his new role on the CBS television series “Vegas.”

The handsome 58-year-old actor admitted, “There’s a lot of rejection in this business, even throughout what appears to be a successful career. I’m in a business where you get a job, and you work on it for however long, and they say, ‘Hey, fantastic! Nice working with you!’ And then you’re out of another job. You’re looking for another one, and, of course, over time they get somebody else to do [a certain] role because you’re too old for that. So you have to change and … go with the flow.”

As for his latest gig playing a cattle rancher, Quaid said, “It just seemed like a really good fit — it’s cowboys versus gangsters, basically. It was a huge decision. I’ve been looking for something to do in television for a couple of years now, because I feel what’s going on in television is what was going on in the movies in the ’70s. A lot of great writers have moved to television, and they’re doing some really good stuff.”

Read more in the October 2012 issue of Los Angeles Confidential.

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