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DC Comics Outs the Green Lantern

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Green LanternDC Comics previously announced that one of its iconic characters would be rebooted as gay, and we now have confirmation that the outed character is Alan Scott, best known as the original Green Lantern.

This isn’t the Green Lantern that Ryan Reynolds portrayed on the big screen in 2011; he played Hal Jordan. (For context, DC Comics has had over 7,200 different Green Lantern characters.)

How did the Green Lantern turn out to be gay? James Robinson, the writer of “Earth 2,” spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the key decision:

The original version of Alan Scott was an older man, and he had a superpowered son, Obsidian, who was gay. The fact that Scott was young now [thanks to a universe-wide reboot] meant Obsidian no longer existed. I thought it was a shame that DC was losing such a positive gay character. I said, “Why not make Alan Scott gay?” To Dan DiDio’s credit, when I suggested it to him, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation.

Despite Alan Scott’s widely publicized sexual orientation, Robinson cautions fans not to focus on it, saying, “I want to stress that Alan Scott is a gay man, but that’s just a part of who he is. He’s a businessman. He’s a hero. He’s a lot of different things. His sexuality is a part of him, but it isn’t his defining trait.”

The Green Lantern isn’t the first gay DC Comics character. Batwoman is a lesbian, while X-Men superhero Northstar is also gay.

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