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David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon: The Show Must Go On

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David Letterman (CBS), Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

The battle for late night has been a well-documented and cutthroat competition to see who can be king of ratings gold. However, when it came to Hurricane Sandy, all bets were off. It was no longer every man for himself. Instead, the late night hosts parlayed their position to entertain others who might need it.

Some of us might remember David Letterman‘s once-in-a-lifetime speech following 9/11. This was, of course, in no way even close to echoing that feeling. However, it was comforting to see Dave in a position of vulnerability, knowing that the only audience he would have for the broadcast were the ones safely tucked in at home in their beds. That’s when the always-professional host went on to say, “We’re in the middle of Hurricane Sandy and we have no studio audience, but we do have quite a show for you tonight. Thank you for joining us in the Ed Sullivan Shelter.”

Jimmy Fallon, much newer to the scene, but determined to do his job diligently, kindly and thoughtfully said, “I’m hoping, if you’re watching, you are at home, you are safe, you’re warm . . . but we’re here.”

Fallon then continued, obviously nervous, in an endearing way, “All of our guests came, which was big for us. We were worried that we weren’t going to get guests, but we got some good ones here.”

We couldn’t agree more. No question about it. We definitely “got some good ones here.”