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Daniel Craig Dominates Celebs.com’s Who Won The Week

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It was no contest. Daniel Craig’s latest film as James Bond, “Skyfall,” will be the biggest grossing 007 movie in its history with the film earning over $80 million by weekend’s end, making Craig our WWTW winner hands down.

Having already dominating the international box office for the past few weeks, the 23rd edition of the Bond franchise—directed by Sam Mendes and starring Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, Ablert Finney, Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe—finally hits stateside and cut through the competition, including Daniel Day-Lewis as “Lincoln.”

Not that a franchise celebrating 50 years needs any help, but with many critics calling “Skyfall” one of the best Bond films ever, no one is surprised by the success the film has had this week, but what its has done is firmly cemented Craig in Bond lore.

After impressing many of the naysayers with his grittier look at 007 in his first time putting on the tux in 2006’s “Casino Royale,” many were a bit deflated by his return two years later in “Quantum of Solace,” though the fault cannot be fully placed on Craig. In the midst of a screenwriter’s strike, the film was put together on the fly. However, with the franchise taking one of its longest breaks between films due to American distributor MGM going through bankruptcy issues, Mendes had enough time to get all his actors on the same page as well as shape the script exactly as he wanted.

And audiences seem to love “Skyfall”’s glimpse into Bond’s childhood, which has never been examined before.

As you can imagine, Craig has been hard at work the last few weeks pushing the film. He did a guest host stint on “Saturday Night Live,” which went off pretty well. Hit the late night shows, and made the Internet rampant with comments like that he propositioned Mendes to direct the film while a little tipsy at a party or that he’s been contemplating leaving the Bond role (though he’s signed on for two more films).

We have a feeling Craig isn’t handing in his license to kill anytime soon. And we’re happy about that.

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