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Dakota Fanning is Sweet on the Cover of InStyle UK (Photo Gallery)

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Dakota Fanning in InStyle UK

Dakota Fanning took time out of her busy schedule to play the role of InStyle UK’s cover girl.

The talented and lovely Fanning admitted to InStyle that she’s not ready for a boyfriend. “I’m not the kind of girl who really wants boyfriends in my life. I’m very black and white in what I feel and I don’t wanna be with someone that I don’t foresee spending a long time with.”

Maybe she’s been influenced by the drama that’s played out in the media between her “Twilight” friends and co-stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. “Well, I just think that media frenzies like that… Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all of that. It’s like, ‘Why do you think you are the authority to judge people’s experiences?”

Read more in the December 2012 issue of InStyle UK, available now.

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